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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Save Jonathan Park!!!!

Jonathan Park Needs Your Help!
Many of you may have heard that Vision Forum (the organization that brought Jonathan Park audio adventures to you for the past 10 years) has closed its doors. We have GREAT NEWS! Pat and Sandy Roy — the writers, creators and producers — have quickly assembled a talented team to save Jonathan Park. But they need your help! To learn more about how you can be part of the team to save Jonathan Park, go to

And More Exciting News!

Two generous homeschooling families have offered to match every donation to the “Save Jonathan Park” campaign up to $10,000 each for two weeks in a row! They just reached the first $10,000 milestone, and the matching donation was made today for a total of $20,000. We’re now entering week two. Would you help us reach the next $20,000 milestone over the next 7 days?
Click here now to help keep this alive!!!!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

A very unique Christmas....The boys!

The second blog post on my unique Christmas is here.  I will start with my boys.  As stated in a previous post, I decided to do a theme of tools for my boys.  I want to raise my boys to be men and to be do-it-yourselfers, so I thought tools would really help promote this desire.

The first thing I did was research.  I researched what kind of tools are a must.  I then listed them on a piece of paper and decided which ones they could share.  Saws & drills will one day be something they need alone but at 8 & 11 they can share for now.  However, if they were 16 or so, I would probably get them each their own set.  That way they have them to take with them someday.
Once I knew what I needed, I could start looking.  My big place to buy tools at amazing prices may surprise you.  It is Tractor Supply!  Yes, I am serious.  They have a great clearance section that I am convinced many people miss.  It is usually in the back corner of the store.  A little bit hidden.  I can’t even tell you how much I have bought here for 50-75% off original prices.  You may even find something for yourself.  I got Muck Boots for $14.00 one time.  But that is another story.
The best part of this store is men don’t mind going in there.  So if we are driving in a town far from home and I see one, I may ask to stop.  You can also sign up to get their mailings where you can get 10-15% off coupons sent to you.  Sometimes you can use them on clearance items, which is a bonus!

The second best place I found to buy tools is Amazon.  So many items are eligible for free shipping.  And they have hard to beat prices.  This is where I got my 8 year Old’s workbench as well as other amazing items.  Because he is young I found a Real Construction Deluxe Tool Workshop Kit.  It is actually Styrofoam looking wood that you cut and saw and nail with hard plastic tools.  I thought this would be good practice for him.  Boy was I right.  He built so many items all on his own with this kit.  I was amazed.  Even his older sister got into it.

The secret with Amazon is four-fold.  First, find a friend or relative to either go in on and Amazon prime account with you or one who has an account and will just add you to it.  You will get free shipping in 2 days on most items.  Second, put the items you want in your cart and save them for later.  Then every time you check your cart it will tell you if the price has lowered or rose.  When it hits the price you like move back to your cart and purchase it.

Thirdly, you can try and take advantage of Swagbucks.  Just don’t waste a bunch of time on it.  You can quickly, by addiction & wasting time, get lots of bucks in your account.   Or instead, slowly earn bucks by using it as a search engine or purchasing through them.  You then use the bucks towards gift cards towards places like Amazon.  It won’t get your rich, but to me it is like getting a $5.00 coupon I can use on Amazon.

Lastly, you can tie in your credit card points with your Amazon account.  My friend and employee used all the points they had saved up this year on Amazon.  They paid nothing for Christmas gifts this year, because they had wisely saved up credit card points and used them for the things they wanted to purchase.  They are also Dave Ramsey people so they pay off their credit card every month.

Another place, that I am not crazy about as most of their tools seem pretty cheap, but is worth the look, is Harbor Freight.  You can sign up for their email and get coupons sent to you.  The only thing I purchased here was my oldest son’s workbench and it is awesome. I paid so little compared to other stores including amazon, with the exact same workbench.

I really wanted kits for my boys.  Things they could easily put together on their own or with little help.  So I searched and found a few to wrap up.  But the best thing I found was a building kit of the month club.  And this was not easy to find.  It is the Young Woodworkers Kit Club.   Every month you get a kit with a tool to help you build it.  The tools are not top notch or anything, but they don’t need to be.  It is the kit my kids want.  I am happy with this club.
So there it is.  My boys were happy to get all these tools and have put them to use many times already.  I think this summer they will even get more use out of them.  I love to see them create and be men.  It makes me a proud mama, when I can call one of them and say, “Please figure out how to fix this cupboard door for me.”  Then I step back and watch them work.  What a great blessing.
I sure hope this gives you some great ideas.  I will post links to many of the items I bought.  I just have to go through my Amazon orders to find them.  Sorry but some tools I am unable to link because I got them offline.  Most of the nails & screws I got at a local hardware.  I really try to use local as much as I can.  They need us.
My next post will be the girls.  Until then, happy shopping.


Monday, January 13, 2014

A Very Unique Christmas!

This year I decided to do something different with Christmas.  My children have too many toys and we have been trying to purge our house from many of them.  So the thought of buying more toys for my children was definitely far away from me.

I started by telling my children that they would receive no toys this year.  I wanted them to be warned and prepared.  They get enough toys from their grandparents anyway.

After thinking & praying I choose to pick two themes.  One for the boys and one for the girls.  Since my desire is to train up my kids to be good husbands and wives, I choose to buy tools for my boys and cooking & baking supplies for my girls.

The search took me months.  I was looking all over for kits for building and kits for cooking and baking.  I also wanted the gift to keep on giving so I wanted monthly kits as well.  I searched and searched as well as researched.  I needed to know what kind of tools were a need and which ones they could just share.

The reason I did not put this on my blog sooner is two-fold.  First, for those who are very frugal you will now have a whole year to look for items at the best possible prices.  Second, I did not want my kids to see it on my blog.  That would ruin the surprise.

This may take a few posts because I try not to blog much at all.  Takes time away from my family and home.  I hope to just do 2 more posts.  One on the boys gifts and then the last one on the girls gifts.  I have some great frugal ideas too.   Some you will be very surprised about. 

Thanks for reading and God Bless!


My blog would not let me post last week so here was my goal sheet.  I was unable to finish it all anyway.  Sat most of the week due to pg pain and tiredness.  But here it is.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Deer Dummy Video a Review!

My family watched this movie together.  My husband and children hunt but I do not.  However we all help process the deer they get.

Pros: The movie is quite detailed in the processing of a deer.  I also like that you can play the whole movie or just go to certain chapters.  All the chapters are short and to the point.  So even those with short attentions spans can handle it.

Some of the things we learned were how to go higher on the back strap, which is our favorite part of the deer.  Also different ways of cutting it for steaks or even jerky.

I think anyone could learn from this movie.  We have been cleaning deer for many years and learned many helpful hints to make processing a deer easier.

Cons: My husband would have liked better lighting.  It was hard to distinguish between the meat when cutting.  It was also weird to have a narrator but to see the class instructor’s mouth moving as he instructed his class.  But maybe they did this to make it more family friendly. 

I personally thought using road kill made it nastier.  Just because of the dark blood.  But I am a girl!!

Overall glad I have the movie and if I can find a coupon will definitely get it for gifts for all the hunters I know. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Beloved and My Friend Book!

Just got this in my email.  I like their blog.  So I thought I would share.  I am going to buy it.  Yippie!  You can see the book reviews here.  Pre-order it here.  Plus you get free shipping if you don't mind waiting till after Christmas to get it!

Goals for 12-18 Through 12-25

Here is my second goal sheet.  The first one went pretty good.  Some things did not get completed but that is because I saw fit to be led in another direction.  My prayer is that God will lead me and direct me in doing my goals.  So instead of organizing the pantry, I organized a storage closet, a furnace room and my homescool closet as well.  They were so bad you could not fit one more thing in them or shut the doors.  Now it is just amazing!  Thanks God.

A side note, I like to make my own rules.  So my goal sheets don't fit the normal crazy perfectionist way of doing things.  I get to it when it suits me.  So that is why this week is from Wed. to Wed.  Next one may be from Sat. to Sat.  But I like to be realistic.  I am a busy girl and don't want to set the goals so high and be so stringent that I get dissapointed in myself.  Make sense?  Heehee!


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Internet Protection for Families - Part 1

Great article done by fellow homeschooling parents.  Check it out here.  Sign up for their occasional email and never miss an article.

Check out part two here.  It even has a coupon.

I have ordered many things from them in the past.  I like what they have in books.  They even have a series done by one of their daughters that is about a fictional homeschool family.  So if you have time check them out.

No I don't get anything for you going to their site.  I just like to share what I think is important.  :)

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