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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bamboo Crib Mattress Protector by Swaddlez - Review Plus 25% off.

I received this for free to try and review for my honest opinion.  And that is what I shall give.

The best part of this for me is it covered a nasty crib mattress that I had from a previous child.  Now it looks new!  The second best part is the comfort.  No more plastic feeling noisy mattress.  

This is 100% waterproof for all those leaks and it is machine washable and you can put it in the dryer.  This is huge for me cause I am busy and in the past I hand to hang dry mattress covers.

It is also hypo-allergenic, lead free and even BPA free.  I do not like however that it is antibacterial, but I just wont let it touch my child.  I will have a sheet between the pad and my child.  Antibacterial is not good for any of us.  Go ahead look into it!

I am very happy with this item and I would actually buy it and give it as a gift.  Click here for more information and to buy it.  Here is a coupon code to save 25% off.  7XDP3UV8 

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