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Monday, April 27, 2015

Seeking truth with my health and others...

My quest recently has been health and seeking truth concerning it.  Many family and friends have been diagnosed recently with cancer and other diseases.  In my heartache and frustration, I remember that the Bible says in Hosea 4:6..."my people die for lack of knowledge."

So join me in seeking more knowledge on your health and the ones you love.  I don't want to rob anyone of the feeling you get when you research and discover things on your own.  So I will give you a lead and you do the research for it.

My first lead is Functional Medicine.  What an amazing look at medicine.  I am amazed at the many doctors who have left their money making practices to seek truth for their patients.  To help them heal and to do it in a God-given way.

As always be cautious and test and prove everything according to God's word.  The enemy prowls around like a lion. He likes to twist God's truth into a lie or add a little truth to make it sound good.  So pray always.

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