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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Grain free - Gluten free - Sugar free - Dairy free Cupcakes Galore!

I finally found some yummy recipes that this picky eater really likes.  Elana's Pantry is a wonderful source for grain free items.  Take a look at her tired and true recipes.  Click here.
The above picture is some blueberry cupcakes.  The one in the middle is without blueberries since I don't like them.  They were yummy.  With some butter it is a perfect breakfast!  I do not use agave nectar because it is not healthy for you as some say.  Instead I used a Xylitol maple syrup I bought here.  Those who live near me, I can get these products at wholesale prices if anyone wants to share a case with me.  Just email me.
These cupcakes are my favorite.  Click here for recipie.  As you can see, I did not make frosting for any of these because I want them for breakfast and for snacking.  And they really don't need the frosting.  These coconut cupcakes I also used the xylitol maple syrup instead of agave nectar.
The last batch I made today were the chocolate cupcakes.  Click here.  I used cocoa powder because I didn't have cacao powder.  And since honey is a no, no on this diet I used xylitol honey from Nature's hallow.  Click here.  I also added some xylitol because I tasted the batter and it seemed bland.  All in all I did not like these cupcakes a lot.  But with some butter they will be tasty, I am sure.
Notice that all the recipes I choose used coconut flour.  My almond flour wont be here till Wed.  Although, I think I may run to get some tomorrow.  Coconut is so good for you.  These are truly great healthy cupcakes.  That is an oxymoron for sure.

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