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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Doug Kaufmann's Diet - Explanation Please!

Taken right from his site.  You can buy his book which will get you a better explanation but most of the needed info is right on his site for free here.  That is so nice of him!  I did however buy his 2 cookbooks.  Yummy!

This diet minimizes fungal food, because it minimizes sugars that fungi require in order to grow. Ask your doctor about experimenting with this diet for 30 days and monitor your results. Many people keep a dietary log each day and share this with their doctor upon their next visit. Often, people begin to challenge this diet, wanting back some of the foods they miss, after achieving good results within a month or two. Most find that their symptoms begin coming back as they go back to their regular diets. This indicates that the fungi were successfully starved, but perhaps not eradicated. Many people, after reading our recipe books, realize that there are hundreds of wholesome and delicious recipes on this phase one diet. With their symptoms much better and their diets now getting more exciting, this diet becomes the genesis of their health program.


When it is time to begin challenging other foods in your diet, don't throw caution to the wind. The phase two diet allows additional foods to be minimally introduced but some noticeable symptoms may return. This might indicates that the fungal infection was not as severe because your health has not been negatively impacted by reintroducing some sugars (carbohydrates) into your diet. Be careful however, because eating too many carbohydrates too soon might awaken these sleeping fungal giants!


At some time, you will have a diet, perhaps somewhere between our phase one and phase two diets, that really works well in minimizing or eliminating your health problems. Some people find that a weekly granola bar does well by them, whereas others find that an occasional glass of wine fits into their diet without provoking any symptoms. This diet continues to minimize feeding fungi. Many people refer to this as their “dietary thumbprint” because no two LIFEPHASE DIETS seem to be the same. A few years from now, the therapeutic diet that you are following will be called your LIFEPHASE DIET.

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