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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Join me on the Doug Kaufmann's Diet

I am going to go on Doug Kaufmann’s diet with my family and I want to invite all of you to join me.

In a nut shell it is a grain free, sugar free, almost dairy free diet.  The goal is to kill all the yeast, fungi and mold in your body.  Although not really a weight loss diet per say, you will lose weight. I have a few people that I have encouraged to go on this diet and all have lost a sizeable amount of weight.

The best part of this diet is that you will feel so much better.  When I started this (didn’t finish it) my PMS was almost non-existent, I had no zits and no headaches.  It was amazing after the initial withdrawals from coffee.

To make this easier on everyone, I am going to post a weekly menu plan.  Right down to the snacks. On the left hand side of this blog you can subscribe so you don't miss any posts.

We will spend this first week getting prepared for the diet.  You will need to get rid of many things in your cupboard and buy some new items to cook with.

Let’s stop paying so much money to our doctors and invest that money into our grocers!

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