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Monday, January 10, 2011

Coupon Blogs In Michigan

I have some great blogs that I am a member of. They send me top coupons and specials daily. The problem I find is that they are from other States. This poses a problem at times. I still use them, but I have to be cautious as things very from state to state.

So I went on the search and found some great Blogs which I subscribed to. They will send me Michigan deals, as well as online deals, daily. This will make it much easier as I get my coupon list together each week.

The first site I joined is

Check it out, I think you will like it.

The next site is

Here is a metro Detroit Area blog for couponing.

Another I am so excited about, this one is from MI or Georgia.

Now you may sign up for all of these and realize that you will get a lot of the same stuff in them. If this is a problem then click on them and see which one or two you like the best and only sign up for that one.

I personally sign up for all of them, because they will always have one or two things no one else has. I find out my own stuff all the time that none of these sites has. And hope to add my own stuff when time allows.

Here is another

Here is one for the western side of Michigan. Although any blog from Michigan makes me happy.

Well I think this is more than enough. Can you tell I am from MICHIGAN? hee hee
Shop Smart!!

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