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Monday, January 10, 2011

Recycle Bank

Here is yet another site I joined today.  This one is based on being green and then getting points that you can buy stuff with.  Like right now you can get a coupon for Kashi Cereal and when you put it with Meijers sale this week it should be free.  The coupon is 90 points.  You get 20 for signing up.

I got 50 points for signing up for ebay green.  Which took 2 seconds.  Then I got a bunch more points just for clicking things through their site and playing a few stupid games about being green.

Within 10 min I had 145 points.  Woot!

And if you already have Kashi Cereal you can use codes inside the boxes for more points.  So go check your cupboards.

There are all kinds of coupons you don't have to just get Kashi.  You can get glass cleaner, cat food and even juice.  And you can save points for other rewards as well.

Head on over and sign up for free.  Complete a few easy tasks and your on your way to building points for coupons and free items.

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