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Friday, July 18, 2014

My reading apps.

It is a new world today.  There are so many ways we can help our kids with reading.  Since this is reading day here, I wanted to show you what I have on our iPhone, iPad & iPod for our kids to help with reading.

My kids favorite is Reading Raven.  If I remember right you do have to pay for this, but it is cheaper then you think and way worth it.  I don't have the links so you will have to search in your iTunes account.

The next is Marbleminds Phonics.  This is nice as they have games like memory, where you have to match the letters to the pictures.

Speech With Milo Sequencing is great!  Your kids will learn how to put stories together by putting pictures in the right order.

Montessori Crosswords is so good too.  It teaches them to here the sounds and spell the words.  Best part is they can do this at a very young age.

So there is a start for you.  I am pretty sure I paid for all of them, but it was not much and so worth it. If they are going to play on the Apples then they better at least be learning!

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