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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Book Review! "Abigail And The Jungle Adventure"

Children books : Abigail and the Jungle Adventure: (Animal Habitats) (Preschool Books) (values book) (Explore the World kids book collection) (Bedtime ... Books for Early / Beginner Readers 4)This book has magic in it and for that reason I gave it low marks.  I do love the illustrations but would not read this to my kids.  The concept of a girls imagination taking her into the jungle is phenomenal.  I just prefer to keep it imagination and not mystical or magical.  I think that confuses kids.  I never want them to think God is fantasy, so I try to stay away from books that promote fantasy and magic.  

Also I did not care for the gender roll reversal with the grandpa cooking and the grandma sitting on her couch reading the paper.  I want my girls to enjoy being women and help meets, not to be confused by children's books that say it is OK for rolls to reversed.  God created them as who they are and they should love and enjoy that.  Yes, I guess I am old fashioned for sure but this is my honest review.

Here is a link for the book that I so do not recommend. I was given it free to read and review, so that is why I am putting in the link.  Click here!

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