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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Vitamins & Anti-Fungal Information!

I will be on some great supplements while on this diet.  I suggest you research what you may need for you.  We are all different.

I think there are many good supplements out there and many bad ones.  I will list some of the companies I buy from.  For a list of Doug Kauffmann's sponsors click here.

I will be taking a variety of different items from these companies.  Just click on the name to be taken to thier sites; Shaklee, Nature's Sunshine & Metagenics

I also have been to a Dr. who was able to get me a perscription for an anti-fungal.  But if you can't get a perscription.  Doug recommends oregano oil.  You can get that here.  There are many oregano oils out there.  So find the best one for you.

I think probiotics are hugely important on this diet.  We need to replace that bad bacteria and we need good bacteria to fight for us!  I take Shaklee Optifora, click here to order or for more info.  Doug recommends Dr. Ohhira's... click here

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