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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Time to get a job kids....

Every once in awhile I play a realistic game with my kids.  To start this educational game I put up a help wanted sign.

The jobs are always different.  Last week they were getting interviewed for a restaurant job, sometimes it is a carnival in which I have games set up through the house, but that is in the winter.  Other times it is a cleaning job, which gets the house clean in a jiffy.

After seeing the help wanted sign, the children have to call me on my phone for an interview and then we set up a meeting.  One at a time they are interviewed as if it were a real job.  It is amazing to hear what they feel there qualifications are.  It touches my heart how they are growing.

Then they are hired according to what they told me about their qualifications.  The oldest 2 were dishwashers at first while the younger 2 cut up the food and did other food prep.

Once the food was cooked, they moved to Host, Hostess, Waitress and Kitchen Helper.

The 2 younger children got paid (real money) for their work and were told to go on their lunch break.  The 2 older children played, host and waitress along with my kitchen helper.

That morning I made 4 menus with pictures for the 2 who can't read.  I scanned some of it for you to see.  Nothing spectacular, but they liked it.

Just like a real restaurant they were seated and orders were taken and delivered.  They also had to pay for the lunch they ate with the money they earned.

Everyone got a turn to play all parts of our game.  After their lunch break they had to come back to work and clean everything up.  They liked it so much we did it again the next day with daddy.

Some other options that I have done are to create menu's with specific prices so they have to make change and learn that they may not have enough money for what they may want to buy.  And I always take out taxes.  The look on their faces the first time I took out taxes was priceless.  Kind of like the same look we got when we got our first checks!

Enjoy and make it your own.

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  1. This is eight kinds of awesome. My son is 4.5 and would LOVE doing something like this, though my not-quite-two year old might be a smidge young to grasp the concept right now. What a brilliant idea!