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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Alphabet & Words Around Town Scavenger Hunt!

I am really wanting to push the alphabet with my 2 youngest, so I have been coming up with fun ways to enjoy the summer and learn at the same time.

I made sheets with the alphabet for the young children and words for the older children.  We then went to town.  We went shopping and into businesses looking for the words and the alphabet.  When they found them they marked them off.  I even had a prize for them.  We bought some yummy candy (50 cents) that they ate when they were all done.

A lot of the store owners & businesses couldn't resist helping the kids find the words and letters.  They were very good sports.

The words may seem simple on the above sheet but they were not.  It forced my older ones to have to read, read, read to find them.  And some we just couldn't find till we got home and went on the computer.  lol

But it was fun and cheap.

Today we are going to do something similar.  They have will find the pictured items that begin with each letter.  The older ones will help the younger ones do today's challenge. It is good for the older children to teach the younger ones because it shows they have learned themselves.  I think we will only do half of the letters today and the other half another day.

I did all this on printshop and it was fun and easy.  Took a bit of time but it was worth it.  I simply laminated them and punched holes to put on a key ring.  I scanned it for you to see.

Enjoy and have fun!

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