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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Plant With Me ~ Herbs & Edible Flowers

I will now show you 3 of the Edible Herbal Flowers my DD and I planted together today.

Chamomile (Heirloom, Organic) ~ A great herb for tea and great flower petals to add color to your salads.  When you take these out to plant them in the spring be sure to plant them near your cucumbers and onions.  This will enhance the growth of those vegetables and bring beneficial insects to your garden.  This herb also has many benefits for all kinds of ailments.  It is a must in my medicine cabinet.

Borage (non-heirloom, non-organic) ~ A great bee attractor and the pretty flowers can be used to garnish as well as eaten.  The leaves can be made into a tea and the seeds into a medicinal oil.  Great for a variety of aliments.  Coughs here we come.

Sage (heirloom) ~ I always have to have sage on hand.  It is a main ingredient in my DD's cough tea.  Which this year we will be adding Borage to as well.  Sage is not just for cooking, although it is very helpful in digestion.  It is great medicinally for many things.  From ulcers to high blood pressure.

I was surprised to see that the Heirloom seeds I received for free this year are also sold on Amazon. You can get Heirloom seeds at several places. My favorite place to get seeds is Heirloom Acres. I have been buying from this small business for years.  I buy at the end of the season and save 10%.  But I misplaced the seeds this year. Thank God I was given some for free.  I will find them I am sure, but wanted to get seeds in before it was too late.


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