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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Come plant with Seeking Truth Daily

Garden season is upon us and today we planted tomato seeds, pepper seeds and many herbs and flowers.  The kids had a blast and daddy and mommy were happy to spend time as a family.  We talked about how amazing God is.  That all these little seeds will grow into huge plants and not only produce food we can eat, but more seeds to plant next year.  Even science can't explain how this occurs. 

I wanted to invite you on our gardening this year.  There is nothing more frugal and healthy then planting your own garden and saving the produce through the winter.  This is something I grew up doing with my own family and cherish the hardworking memories.

So get to the store (Mernards) and buy those Jiffy greenhouses and some fantastic heirloom seeds.  In a few days your children will be delighted as they see these tiny seeds sprout into greenery right before their eyes.


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