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Friday, March 27, 2015

Pure Peppermint Essential Oil Review

With all the hype on essential oils, I thought sure I will give this one a try too.  I have tried just about every kind out there.  All of them make claims and really how do you know who you can trust?  From Young Living and Doterra to Now and Aura Cacia.  So many out there and all seem fine on the surface.  And since I am no scientist how do I know if they are really "Pure" as they say.  

After using this product on and off a few times I called them to see how it is manufactured and if it is first distillation or second or third.  Guess what?  The lady had no clue.  She could not give me and answer and instead said to email them.  But she never even offered me an email.  That is a big mistake for sure.

That being said, I did use it and it seems very potent.  Cleared my sinus and burnt my eyes even.  I suggest using it in a carrier oil for sure.  I will continue to use it.  The price is great for sure.  But I just have no assurance on its quality is all.  They do claim it being 100% pure.  They also say it is Grade A and cold pressed.  So maybe I should just take their word for it.

For more info click here or here.  To purchase and try it for yourself click here.

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