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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bless & Give Hope!!

Went off the beaten path and found a little restaurant in a small strip mall. My hubby was nervous and had me check on yelp first. He was about to leave when I announced it had a 4 star for reviews. He said ok and we went in.

The young waitress just opened the place and looked as though the world was heavy on her shoulders. Normally I would be upset at the lack of kindness by such a waitress. But today I could see beyond my own selfishness and in to her heart.

The restaurant quickly was filling and she, being the only one there was working her tail off. Like most, no one was really concerned for her, because this was her job. They just wanted their food. I thing she had 9-10 tables she was serving at one time.

You could see the stress on her face, yet she began to smile a bit here and there. The smiles seemed strained but she was trying.

Smash, down goes a plate of food, broken plate shatters and food slides across the floor. She can't even take the time to pick it up because there are people waiting to check out and a few tables waiting for coffee refills. Even with all this she offers my husband a coffee to go!  WOW!

It is weird how burdens can sap our personalities and make us look like all hope in the world is lost. Burdened and chained people just move forward mechanically, as a means to just get the day over. Get your paycheck and move towards the next meaningless day.

My husband and kids went to the counter to pay our bill and I felt a need to clear the table as best I could, stacking plates to make her morning easier. We had already discussed blessing her with a sizable tip but money did not seem like enough.

As I pushed all the chairs in, so she would not bump into any of them, I turned to see my husband step forward from the counter and politely demand the attention of the entire restaurant. With a loud clap he began to speak loudly asking all to listen to what he had to say. I was startled as this is out of his character. He then said the waitress name and said what a hard worker she was and how we should all appreciate that about her and then began to clap and thank her. The whole restaurant was clapping for her and I was stunned, as many others in line were as well. Many were waiting to pay their bills and surely frustrated cause they, I am sure had things to do and places to go. I know we did.
The waitress as she was still checking my husband out was now crying... She was thanking him and the tears were rolling down her face.  I could now see hope behind those tear-filled eyes. And he had yet to give her the tip yet. She was just so grateful to be shown appreciation.  To have someone grateful for her hard work. Amazing what words of encouragement and acknowledgment can do for a persons soul.

My husband then handed her the tip and said God bless. I am not sure she heard him or saw the tip through her blurry eyes. She just kept saying thank you, thank you.

We walked out, me balling my eyes out and feeling more blessed then her. I was taught a lesson here. A lesson about serving the servers. Knowing their names and looking long enough to remember there faces.  Not thinking so highly of myself that because it's their job they need to treat me like a queen. Instead, choosing to lighten their load and show them heart-felt appreciation.

What an amazing feeling to be used to day to bless and give hope.

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