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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Goals for 12-18 Through 12-25

Here is my second goal sheet.  The first one went pretty good.  Some things did not get completed but that is because I saw fit to be led in another direction.  My prayer is that God will lead me and direct me in doing my goals.  So instead of organizing the pantry, I organized a storage closet, a furnace room and my homescool closet as well.  They were so bad you could not fit one more thing in them or shut the doors.  Now it is just amazing!  Thanks God.

A side note, I like to make my own rules.  So my goal sheets don't fit the normal crazy perfectionist way of doing things.  I get to it when it suits me.  So that is why this week is from Wed. to Wed.  Next one may be from Sat. to Sat.  But I like to be realistic.  I am a busy girl and don't want to set the goals so high and be so stringent that I get dissapointed in myself.  Make sense?  Heehee!


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