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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Deer Dummy Video a Review!

My family watched this movie together.  My husband and children hunt but I do not.  However we all help process the deer they get.

Pros: The movie is quite detailed in the processing of a deer.  I also like that you can play the whole movie or just go to certain chapters.  All the chapters are short and to the point.  So even those with short attentions spans can handle it.

Some of the things we learned were how to go higher on the back strap, which is our favorite part of the deer.  Also different ways of cutting it for steaks or even jerky.

I think anyone could learn from this movie.  We have been cleaning deer for many years and learned many helpful hints to make processing a deer easier.

Cons: My husband would have liked better lighting.  It was hard to distinguish between the meat when cutting.  It was also weird to have a narrator but to see the class instructor’s mouth moving as he instructed his class.  But maybe they did this to make it more family friendly. 

I personally thought using road kill made it nastier.  Just because of the dark blood.  But I am a girl!!

Overall glad I have the movie and if I can find a coupon will definitely get it for gifts for all the hunters I know. 

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