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Friday, July 19, 2013

Lightspecs LED Safety Glasses Review

They Work Great!

We recently received these safety glasses to try out. My husband and I own a construction. At first sight, I was unsure that these would be something that would be liked by myself, my husband or our co-workers. Well, I was most assuredly mistaken. When my husband saw them on me, he was amazed. He stated that they really could have used those the last 2 weeks when they were building a pole barn. While working inside it was quite dark due to the electricity not yet being wired yet. He said these glasses would be perfect for cases like this and many more.

The next night I was wearing them to walk our animals in the dark and was quite pleased with how well I could see without having to carry a flashlight. My kids of course all wanted to wear them. My 7 year old won out and was all over our field, jumping from one hay bale to the next in the pitch black.

As we came towards the house one of our workers, who was helping us with our animals saw the glasses and his face lit up. My husband had already told him about the glasses and upon seeing them he was more than willing to try them on. In the dark he continued helping sheer the sheep with the glasses on. The outside light was not enough to see well and the glasses were perfect. He kept saying how much he liked them and how well they worked. Honestly, it was funny to see both guys so giddy over these glasses. You would have thought I handed him a bag of money.

I let him take the glasses home so that he could use them the next day in a crawl space. I have yet to hear from him today, but I am sure he is more then delighted.

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