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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to make meat less expensive!

Grass Fed Beef is the Best!  I have been eating it for 12 years now.  But it is too expensive to buy from the store.  They up the price like crazy.  So I budget money each month in an envelope to buy a cow.  We used to only buy a 1/4 but as our kids have grown and family has grown we now buy 1/2 to a whole cow.  It is great to get all cuts of meat for the same price.  Plus you have more control of your meat.  I get to tell the butcher what cuts I want and how I want it processed.  Also how I want it packaged.
If you can't afford to buy a whole or half cow right now get family & friends to go in on it with you.  That way you can at least try it out and have some food for this diet that is healthy and good for you!
Now the question is where do you find a farm that sells grass fed beef?  Start at Local Harvest.  That is a great place to find local organic foods.  Click here.
The second place I have looked to find grass fed beef is Eat Wild!  Click here.  They have a great selection of grass feed meat of all kinds per state.  It is a valuable resource.
The above sites can get you all kinds of grass fed and organic meats.  But try to raise some chickens yourself.  It is not that hard.  Hope this helps everyone!

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