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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What really matters?

Right now I am in a situation of a woman from our church facing death.

It has broken me up inside and at the same time blessed me to help her.  I know it is humbling for her to be in this state and be dependant.

The best part is that she knows her creator.  She knows that there are only 2 options out there.

1. There is a God
2. There is nothing

Well obviously there is not nothing so that leaves us with option 1.  God is real.

When you face death of any kind you begin to see a need for something more and bigger then you.

When you watch a person fade away into eternity you ask yourself, "What really matters"?

Does this blog matter?
Does that research for free things on Amazon matter?
Does that text I just wasted 5 min. on matter?
Does finding that next freebie really matter?
Does updating your social network status matter?
Does spending too much time in any one thing really matter?

What really matters in the end?

This lady is dieing alone with the exception of her church family.  What is she now thinking as she sits in that recliner losing more of herself with each day?  What is she now thinking mattered?  What is she wishing she would have really cared about?

Listen, following Christ is very hard.  If someone tells you life will be hunky Dory and you will be like joe, joe the circus clown with excitement, they are lying to your face.  As a Christ follower you have to take up your cross.  You will be hated.  You will be temped and tired.  You will suffer.  You will sacrifice. 

But also when you follow Christ you will escape hell and damnation.  You will get to live for eternity in light instead of darkness.  You will see the glory of God and feel His delight in you.  You will someday hear the words, "Well done my good and faithful servant".  You will experience peace and joy that makes absolutely no sense.  You will see blessings when you obey and patience and love when you mess up.  You will reap what you sew.  So, sew blessings and  you will reap blessings.  Sew crap and you will reap crap. 

You will slip and fall, but reach towards His hand and he will help you up.

What matters?  

Does the thing you are doing right now or have planned to do for the rest of this day really matter?  Ask yourself that question and then act accordingly.

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