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Friday, May 18, 2012

My thoughts today....

I just want truth. That is all. But now a days the truth seems harder to find. I can go on the Internet and find convincing info on either side of any subject or person. It is crazy. And all sides are so convincing. I can find scientific evidence on both sides of an issue that end up completely contradicting each other. Who do you trust? It comes back, for me anyway, to trusting my gut and praying heavily. 
I feel like this world is so foggy at times that I can't see the truth clearly so I end up having to walk with just a small amount of light in front of me, leading the way, step by step.

I wish things were more simple. I wish I had better understanding. I wish greed, power and pride did not cloud the subjects I study. I wish logic prevailed. I wish God would just come down and tell me what is what and who to trust! But we are all just humans trying to understand the world we live in and we are Mama Bears trying to protect and do the best for our cubs. Even Mama Bears can claw someone apart in the desire to protect and not even realize the person they clawed was only there to get them out of danger or even to just feed them.

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