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Monday, May 14, 2012

Book Review "Traveler and the Chaplain"

I was given this book and am so happy that I was blessed with it.  You can read more about the book here and also purchase it here or here.  It is 19.99 but they offer it even cheaper if you download a PDF here.  The download is free but please make a donation of at least $5.99 via paypal for his hard work.  Just click his link.  Thanks!

I am not a reader and I read this book in 2 nights.  I could hardly put the book down.  It was such easy reading and so captivating that I am having my two elementary kids read it now.  I am really picky what I let my kids read and so it is pretty huge when I find a book I know will bless them and be safe for their minds and hearts.

It is written in a style similar to the Pilgrims Progress, which we were listening to right before I received the book.  Fabulous and convicting.  In a nut shell it is about leadership and we are all leaders.  God calls us to lead certain people, some in business, some in church and some in our family, but we all lead.  So what are we doing with that role?  Are we living up to it?  Are we doing all we can with what God has given us? 

The answer Kurt gives to being a good leader is so simple it will knock your socks off.  It is to spend time with Jesus.  Learn about Jesus.  Study Jesus.  Be influenced by Jesus (pg 102).  If we take these steps we will be great leaders.

The comment in the book that brought me to weeping conviction was by Coach John Wooden (pg 96).  "Success is the peace of mind you gain from knowing you did the best you could with the talents that God gave you".

Are we giving our best with what God gave us or are we trying to pursue someone else's talents? Are we too self-absorbed to even step out and use our gifts & talents at all?  Don't bury them! 

Please get this book or download the PDF for free, but leave a donation to bless Kurt and encourage him to keep writing for God's kingdom.

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