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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Some of our favorite movies made by homeschoolers...

The makers of Bubble Trouble present their latest production, Heartstrings, another adventure in the Siblings series. During a family road trip, the Moore's vehicle breaks down outside of an out-of-the-way bed and breakfast owned by the Morton family. Gator's sleuthing abilities find him crossing ways with a foreboding stranger while trying to solve a Morton family mystery. The adventure, comedy, and drama of Heartstrings make this film a real treasure that families can enjoy. Approx. 53 Minutes.

John Moore and Cameron Cavillo are buddies and aspiring filmmakers with the dream of winning the prestigious American Viewfinder film festival. When an acquaintance of Cameron’s, an elderly Widow, faces losing her home to the outrageous property taxes in her area, the Moore family takes action, along with their friends, the Morton family. Through political smears, on set mishaps, and a wild western ride, these families band together in a classic black hat/white hat tale of heroism!

The Siblings: Bubble Trouble DVD is the first available HeuMoore Productions DVD, packed with both Siblings Films, and as much bonus content as we could fit on a single DVD disc. This includes the Directors Commentary with John Moore and David Heustis, an Actor's Commentary with Tom Russell and Jeff Moore, an Actor's Commentary with Jeff Reins and Pat Martin, Favorite On Set Moments Video - Fun Moments Reel, The Woes of a Fledgling Genius - Effects Featurette, the Director's Commentary for What a Blast, with John Moore and David Heustis, and an Actor's Commentary for What a Blast, with Jeffrey 'Gator' Moore.

As the Barbarian fleets descend on the coast, the people of Britain are left to defend themselves...
The first independent Christian film of its kind, Burns Family Studios presents an epic adventure set in Britain’s Dark Ages. With riveting action, stunning visuals, and a powerful score, Pendragon’s message of faith, courage, and vision is sure to inspire your family for generations to come


  1. Audy, Have you seen October Baby yet? And if you have, are you going to post a review?

  2. No, I have yet to see it, but when I do, I will post a review. It seems wonderful and caused me to do much research. I can't believe the amount of aborted that have survived.