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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Credit card solicitation opt-out...

Tired of getting all those credit card applications in the mail?  Mindy recommends to call 1-888-50PTOUT to have your name removed from credit card solicitation lists.

She also says to stop getting all those unwanted mail-order catalogs, rip off the address label, write remove from list and send it in to them.

To take that further, I put in the comment boxes after and order online, to not add me to their mailing list.  I have also called to be removed, but it takes soooo long to get to someone and then you have to deal with them trying to convince you that you should keep the catalog.  Putting it in writing somehow makes it work better.  I've had to call one catalog 4 times before I was finally removed. After a year of calling they finally listened.

Get the book....

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