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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Win a $50.00 Amazon Card

Homeschool Co-op is offering a $50.00 giveaway this month to Amazon.  Details below.

Tell us what you do to make math fun for your kids, and get a chance to win one a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

Our winner will be randomly drawn from posts that get at least two "Likes" on any of our Teaching Tips and Success Stories pages. (See below.)

We will do the drawing in early April and announce the winners on our Facebook wall and in this newsletter. Your posts will remain on this page to provide ideas and inspiration to other homeschool math teachers!

Here is what I wrote ~ I turn the house into the real world. Well kind of. Heehee. I make simple signs like Penny Island or Audatious A's Hotel on the Island of B. The kids then come to the Island on the boat (our couch) and the captain (me in a funny hat with a funny accent) tells them that they must apply for a job to earn money. They apply to yet another person in a funny hat (me again with new accent). The jobs are all their normal chores. Some get promoted to manager as they lead the others to do the chores (jobs). They get paid real money. They also get taxes taken out (this never goes well). They then have to use the money to buy their lunch at the Mommy Cafe. The kids love this time and they learn how to apply for jobs, figure out what they will earn, how much the government gets, what they need to get the food they want, how to waitress, how to cook, and how to give out change.

Click here to enter.

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