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Sunday, March 20, 2011

When shopping online... get money back!!!

When I shop online I always go through a cash back website to save even more.  But realize I forgot to do that the last few times I shopped.  So I figure I will post on this subject to remind us to shop through these rebate sites.
I have 3 sites I check before I buy.  The first is ebates (click here).  I have been a member of Ebates since 2002 but only recently began using it again.  I like that they just automatically send you a rebate check when you get a certain amount.  I don't have to do a thing.  I have made almost $100.00 in about 6 months time.  I think if you sign up you will get $5.00.  Then refer others and you will get $5.00 for each referral.  This is by far my favorite site to shop through.
Mr. RebatesThe next site I check is Mr. Rebates (Click here).  I am new to this site.  I just joined on Feb. 1st.  I got $5.00 in my account just for joining.  If this site offers a higher rebate then the other 2 I go here and link to my store of choice.  I believe you will get $5.00 for joining and most likely a referral amount too but I am not sure because I am still too new to this site.
ShopAtHome BannerThe third site I look at is ShopAtHome (Click here).  I joined this in October 2010.  It works like the others, but I did not get any cash to sign up and referrals are only when someone purchases.
If you were only going to sign up for one I would do Ebates, but I like to check all of them.  Let me show you why!  Keep in mind they are always changing. Sometimes they double the cash back too.
Staples ~ Shop at home 7% back
                Ebates 2% back
                Mr. Rebates 1% back
Old Navy ~ Shop at home 3%
                    Ebates 2%
                    Mr. Rebates 3%
Ebay ~ Shop at home 3%
             Ebates 1-4%
             Mr. Rebates 3%
Snapfish ~ Shop at home 11.5%
                  Ebates 6.5%
                  Mr. Rebates 8%
Does this give you an idea of why I look at all 3 sites.  When I can remember that is.  The other day I had a huge staples order for our business and ordered through Ebates, if I would have checked all the sites that night I would have saved more through Shop At Home.
Don't forget to check out the store coupons as well.  All three sites will have a page of coupons for the store you are going to shop at.  FYI there is no cash back for Amazon at any of the rebate sites.
Thanks to all who sign up!

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