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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Want to make money blogging? This is how! Part 1

I am new to the blogging world.  I started in 2009 but only began taking it serious a few months ago. I have had a few people ask me how you can make money blogging and although I am no expert, I thought I would take you on the journey with me.

First, get a blog.  Making one is pretty easy.  I like and I think it's a great place to start.  But keep in mind there are many other blog sites as well.  If you already have a blog just use that one.

After you have your blog, figure out what it will be about.  Professional bloggers say to pick one subject and stick with it.  Since I am not really doing this for the sole purpose of making money, I don't listen to them.  I write and post what I am doing and learning.  And that can prove to be a variety of different subjects and topics depending on my mood and the way the wind blows.

The next thing to do is sign up as an affiliate.  There are companies that offer you money when you post certain campaigns or advertisements on your blog.  The first one I will introduce you to is Logical Media.  Logical Media

I like this company because they are not overwhelming.  They have 1 page of campaigns you can choose from.  I usually only choose what I am interested in or what I myself would be willing to do.  But some bloggers post every stinking campaign listed.  It's really up to you.

Part 1's To-Do-List:
     Set up a blog
     Choose a subject matter
     Sign up for your first affiliate account

Click here to get $25.00 just for signing up.  Wow, I did not even get that.  That is what I get for googling affiliates instead of looking for a referral. 

More referrals to come in Part 2

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