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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Screen Time Has Begun...

We have decided to do something new in our home.  It is called screen time.  Our kids now have a limited amount of time to be in front of the TV and or Computer.  We don't do video games, but if we did that would also be included.

We have never been a huge family with TV, as we only have 3 PBS channels, but we were getting a bit carried away with the videos.  Christian or not, too much TV equals less creativity.  And I could notice this happening.  I could see a seed growing in a few of my children and this concerned me.  They were needing to be entertained instead of entertaining themselves.  It was making me very sad and frustrated.

I got the idea partly from a book I had read and partly from my friend Laura.  She does screen time at her home and it really impressed me. 

My husband and I decided together how much time to give them in front of a screen and we agreed on 1 hour a day.  They can use that all on one thing or split it up.  I thought for sure I was going to get flack from my kids.  But an amazing thing happened.  They were happy with it.  What?  I was expecting them to argue and be contentious.  But they weren't.  They were actually happy with it.  I am still shocked as they are all on the living room floor playing with blocks that they have not touched since last year and cars.

I am convinced even further that kids desire boundaries and discipline.  Before they never knew what or when they could watch TV, they had to rely on asking and it depended on mom's mood.  But now they have a clear cut direction and boundaries and they seem so content with that.  I thank God for how happy they are today.

Get this, my DD is even doing extra math in an old book we had.  I am more then shocked for sure.  Shocked, just shocked..  Thanks - thanks - thanks Lord!

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