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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My crazy Birthday parties.

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If you know me, you know I have serious Birthday Party issues.  I throw the biggest craziest most stressful (on me and DH) parties in the country.  I actually puked at my son's b-day last July.  I was so ill from planning it that I could no longer take the migraine from it.  In the middle of teaching the kids spy stuff, I had to get up and go to the restroom.  Then I brushed my teeth and was back to it.

Yes, I said serious issues.  lol

Anyway, I love it!  I have a blast making my kid's B-days special.  It is so much fun and I try to tone it down but am not really good at that.

Some are bigger then others, but all have a theme.  I have had costume parties, spy parties, hunting parties, horse parties and the list goes on.  The best one so far was the spy party, you know the one I lost my lunch at.  It was so big and elaborate and I couldn't of done it without all my friends to help.  I gave the parents jobs and they gladly obliged.  Like they had a choice.  heehhee

Seriously, those ladies & gents were awesome, everyone went way out of their way and did a fab job.  If any of them read this ~ thanks!

This brings me to the above banner.  See for my DD b-day I am doing a carnival.  I was able to get a huge banner for free from that site.  They had some kind of special awhile back, like months ago.  So I got the banner.  It says our name and Carnival of Fun.  Well today they actually sent me an email that was full of Carnival supplies.  Yikes.  I was shocked.  Just in time.  No, I wont buy it all but it will give me more ideas.  I will get a few things.  Woot!

Just thought I would share the site.  Sign up for their emails and you will get specials sent to you too.  Just click the banner.

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