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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The book I am reading right now....

I am reading a great book on parenting.  It is called Parenting From the Heart by Marilyn Boyer.

I skipped chapter 1 since I am beyond that new mommy point.  But the rest of the book, well what I have read so far is very relevant.  I read 5 chapters the other night and hope to finish it very soon.

Click here to order or read more about this book.

Some quotes that touched my heart are below, I hope they touch and encourage you today!

"Don't expect your child to automatically know what you expect."

" with your you would want God to deal with you."

"Character is doing what's right when no body's looking."

The book is practical and this is from a mom of 14 kids.  She home schooled them all.

Click here for the paperback and here for the kindle addition.

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