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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2 Free E-Books for Pre-school and Kindergarten

I told you about the awesome spelling program we use and that I could not recommend the reading program they offer because I have not used it.  Well they just sent me 2 e-books to share with you all.  This way you can decide for yourself before you buy.

They are going to be releasing their first level in their new All About Reading program tomorrow, Wednesday, March 2!  Looks Fun!

Level Pre-1 teaches preschoolers and kindergartners a very specific set of skills that they call the Big Five Skills. These five skills help young children understand the basics of language and how it works, preparing them to learn to read.

Free e-book #1
Click here for your free copy! The Zigzag Zebra is in the kitchen cooking up a storm, and your child can help! And while your child is helping Ziggy, he or she will be absorbing critical pre-reading skills. The activities in this e-book focus on rhyming, identifying the first sounds of a word, oral blending, and clapping syllables--all designed to reinforce phonological awareness.

Free e-book #2
Click here for your second e-book! We're on safari with the Zigzag Zebra, and your child can come along! The activities in this e-book focus on listening comprehension, which is a precursor to reading comprehension. You can foster listening comprehension by discussing stories and characters, expanding vocabulary, and exposing children to a wide variety of activities. Sequencing activities--such as those found in this activity book--are also great for improving comprehension.

If you want to order you can click here.

I am now off to review them for myself.  Enjoy!!

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