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Friday, February 25, 2011

Free Friday's

I usually go shopping on Thursdays, so on Friday I will try to show you at least one item that I received for free.  I will tell you how I got it for free and hopefully it will give you ideas for how to get things free as well.

I am blessed to get a lot for free.  Last week I was able to get $100.00 worth of groceries at Kroger for $25.00.  But that is not the norm.

At our Kroger you can double up to a $1.00 but you no longer get paid for items.  If the item is less then $2.00 you only get what the item cost, no extra.  Also at my Kroger you can only double 3 of the same coupons at a time.

My free items included 3 Stayfree packages this week.  Here is what I did.  I had a plethora of Stayfree coupons that I had printed from various coupon sites.  Click here for yours.  I then scrolled the aisles for clearance pads or closeout pads.  I found 3 packs that were on closeout for $1.73 (Original price $2.99).  With my coupon I was able to get all 3 packs for free.  Woot!!  Now if it was last week I would have been paid 27 cents for each pack.  Some places will still get paid to buy them, others who are in the land of no doubling will still only pay 73 cents or so, depending on their store price.

The tips: *Always print coupons you use even if you don't need them right now.  *Take the time to go down aisles and look for closeout and clearance deals.  *Buy it when it is free or cheap, even if you don't need them right now.  You never know when doubling will stop so get stocked up.

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