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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Target ~ Not my favorite....

I will admit that Target is not my favorite store for couponing.  Not because it is not good, but because I can never figure it out.  My sister is awesome at it.  I however, can either not find the item I came in for and wonder around for an hour, or some other stupid mis-hap there.  grrrr

Anyway you can use target coupons with manufacturing coupons and add that to a sale and you can get stuff next to free!

Yesterday in my blog I mentioned the recycle bank site where you can get a free coupon for Kashi cereal.  Well add that with the target coupon for Kashi cereal and you may get paid to buy it there.  Woot!!

Also many of their coupons match up with manufacturing coupons.  Like Tyson frozen chicken was in the paper and they have them on their site. Use them together and yippie for almost free or maybe free depending what your store charges.

Shop Smart!

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