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Friday, January 7, 2011

My Favorite Shopping Sites & How I use them....

When I shop online, I always go through a place where I will get cash back.  ShopAtHome Banner

For instance.  Today I needed to buy a camera for my hubby's business.  So I clicked on ebates which gave 3% back as opposed to shop at home which would give 2% back.  I always look at both websites because sometimes shop at home is more % back on stores.  Both are free to join and I just put them in my favorites memory.

Then I picked the Kodak Easy Share camera that was on clearance for $60.00 (we have 2 we use daily now and like them a lot).  I used the 20% off coupon for the new year (NEWYEAR20), which would not work on my clearance camera but did work on my printer ink.  Woot!

When I checked out I made sure I used my Office Max rewards card to get even more savings. 

In the end, I saved using 3 types of savings. 1. Cash Back Site  2. Sale  3. Coupon  4.  Rewards Card  And because my order was over $50.00 I received free next day shipping.  Sometimes I am even able to add on a rebate.

Sign up Ebates for fee and get $5.00 today:

Sign up Shop at Home and get $5.00 today: 

Shop Smart!!

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