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Friday, January 14, 2011

My Favorite Herb Store

This truly is my favorite place to go for herbs.  I still have two unpacked boxes of herbs I bought before Christmas.  Blush...  I have just been so busy to do what I want with them.  Not to mention my herb cupboard is stocked full.  But hey, I make 2 killer balms in the summer that sell for $40.00 for 4oz.  So I like to have those herbs on hand.

I also trust Shoshanna and her information.  She has 2 of the best herbal videos.  They are so down to earth and it is like you are in the movie with her.  I have learned so much on how to make stuff just from these 2 videos. 

She also has a huge selection of great books and I now have almost all of them.  What can I say, I like herbs and love to learn!  Check out her products.  I will post again about what my favorites are, but this is just a start.  Get the videos or any of her products by clicking the pictures above.

Shop Smart!  Live Smart!!

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  1. Hello Audy, Great site. I will do what I can to help you market your blog in the next few weeks.

    It is our wish to be more self sufficant so learning about herbs is on the list of things to do.

    God Bless,

    Jay M.