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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Homeschool Curriculum Co-Op

I found the best site for Homeschool mama's.  Woot!  I was able to get my Drive Thru History Curriculum for 40% off.  Yippie!!!! 

I am new to the site so know very little about them.  I was googling Coupons for the curriculum and it came up.  So I signed up 2 weeks ago and used my coupon code to order it today.  What would have cost 130.00 I got for 95.00.  I am so excited.

From there site:

The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is the nation's largest purchasing cooperative for families educating with a homeschool curriculum.

Like you, we are homeschoolers with a love for family and a deep commitment to homeschooling.

Like you, we have made the profound and life-changing decision to assume full responsibility for our children's education. We understand the sacrifices and joy that this entails, and have decided to devote our energies and talents to helping other homeschooling families who have chosen to walk the same path.

Membership is absolutely free and private.

Whether or not you join, you are welcome to browse our site, return as often as you like, and take full advantage of our many wonderful homeschooling resources and services for homeschooling families!

Hope you enjoy this site.

Shop Smart!!

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