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Friday, January 7, 2011

Crazy Work on the Blog

I have been working a lot on the blog lately.  I have decided to spend a bit more time on it.  Maybe make a little money for posting and what not.  But then I realized I did not like the affiliates I had, so all but one google add, I chucked in the proverbial trash can.

I don't want to make any money on stuff I would not use myself.  So now everything I have on here are things I use, whether I get paid for them or not.
Anyway, I put other stuff on that I use daily.  That movie up on the top right, just looks like a fabulous movie on grace so I wanted to promote it for them.  I have another movie all the way to the bottom of this page.  It is another Christian movie.  Click the link to see the trailer.

The reason I started this blog in the beginning is to help others, not to get money.  So that is going to remain my focus.  I will post coupons and specials and I will post my articles when I write them.  If you feel inclined to click on some of the money making links, then it will just be an extra blessing.

Check out the few coupon blogs I visit everyday.  I get nothing for you doing it accept the satisfaction that you will save money for your family, thus enabling your husbands and you to work less.

I may even try to get my hubby, who is so very wise and inspiring to blog a few of his thoughts.  I love this man so much I have a hard time taking a breath just thinking about him.  That is no joke, I get choked up at how much he has grown in Christ and how gracious he is.  Did I mention he is a terrific daddy and the hardest worker I know?  Well he is that and more.

So enjoy and bare with me as I get all this set the way I like it.

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