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Monday, January 17, 2011

A Challenge to get it free....

My sister told me about a friend of hers that decided that she will save money this year by not buying any Shampoo or Body Soap products.  Wow!  That seems like a bold statement, but I know she can do it.  You could to.  And she is not doing it by couponing either.  She is going to do it by using LISTIA

See everything on Listia is free and many things ship free as well.  You aution for things you want with points you earn. 

You get get 450 points by signing up today!  My sister has recieved 2 very nice outfits.  I was able to get a prize for my Homeschool treasure chest.

The best part about it is that you get to get rid of useless junk or just things you are no longer in need of.  Perhaps it is something you got for your b-day that you wont use.  Or you have 5 size 1 diapers left and you don't want to toss them.  I sold 7 loose diapers for over 1000 points.  Yippie!  Our junk is someone elses treasure. ;)

And to list your auction is way easier then ebay.  It is 1 page of easy peasy listing.  Takes less then a minute depending how wordy you are.  Wink wink!

Everytime you list an aution you get the points in your account that people were willing to pay for you item.  Save them up or spend them.

So here is the challenge:

1. Sing up for your own Listia account. Click here. Get 350 pts.
2. List your own 1st auction.  Can be new or used. Get 100 pts.
3. Browse Listia to find what you can get for free all year long.
4. Refer your own friends and family & get 50 pts. when they join.
5. Enjoy your freebies.

If you want to come back and comment on what you are going to choose to get for free that would be great.  Mine is going to be treasure chest items.  I use these on Fridays when my kids behave really well and do their best in that week of school.  It has really helped, so much I don't even need the treasure chest anymore, but do it now for just fun.

If anyone needs help just comment & I will walk you through it. :)

Shop Smart!!

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