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Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Favorite News Links!!

Now, to be honest - I hate the news. I really do. For the most part I don't trust it and think it is always slanted to one side. I also hate to hear how horrid our world is. Anyway, when I do need news for whatever reason, below are the news sites I go to. It is very seldom, like not even monthly, but I need a place I can trust when I need to know what is going on. Let me premise this, with the fact that I don't agree with all that is said on these news sites, but I do believe they offer more truth than that of the mainstream sites with zombie like followers. Focused on a Christian/conservative Outlook. Fair & Balanced - Well not really, but it leans to the side which I most relate. Links you to news on other well know sites that may be of interest to us crazy conservative Christians. Also has a radio program. That is all she wrote.

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