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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Get To The Root!

In health, we focus too much on the symptoms. We treat the cancer, the migraines, the aches and the pains. But so often we just let the cause, the root of the problem get covered up.
I have 2 friends who started to go to the Born Clinic in Indiana. My first friends health has now taken a huge change. She is amazed at how well she feels and is so thankful for this place. She is now taking her daughter as well who is only 5.
My other friend started going to them in May of this year. She travels from MI to go see him. She is now off her thyroid meds, which she has been on for years and has lost 20lbs.
We recently found out that the mother clinic is in Grand Rapids, MI. I have 2 friends who have already made appointments with this clinic. One in Dec. and one in Jan. I will be making mine as well with my mother.
This clinic is about prevention. They are about finding out why you have the symptoms you have and how to prevent further complications. Please click on the links and read all the amazing treatments they use. You will be enlightened as you read what they have to say.
I really trust the ladies that are already going to this clinic and have experienced amazing changes.
Heads up, they do not take insurance. So you will fork out about $129.00 the first time. You will have blood taken and it will be tested. They will then right up a treatment plan and you get to decide what is affordable for you to do. Hey, health is worth it to me. I look forward to going soon.
Goshen, IN 574-875-4227
Grand Rapids, MI 616-656-3700

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