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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Organic Coupons ~ Sometimes you just have to ask. Part 1...

Economy bites, and coupons help take the edge off. So here is a list of companies and emails that you can write and ask for coupons. Many companies allow you to receive their coupons every 6 mths. So I will keep updating this list.

If you have any more please add them.

Once in awhile they will no longer give out coupons, if that is the case I will delete them from the list.

Many of the companies will send you coupons for free products as well, not just cents off. Once I received a whole box of free items that were not even being sold in stores yet. My kids loved the little treats.

Keep in mind that you should also try and find stores that double and sometimes triple coupons. We drive 45 min. for one of these stores. The added bonus is that we save in gas at the store when we buy items there (Kroger). We have saved 20 to 50 cents a gallon. So it ends up being more than worth the drive for your favorite organic foods.

Some sites offer printable coupons, while many have mailing lists you can get put on. I prefer to email them a nice story about how I need the help. Be sure to leave your mailing address in your email to them. This way you can get the coupons fast.

My sample letter: I did sign up for your email letter and specials, but I also wanted to ask if you could send us some coupons directly. We are a family of 6 in MI and struggling. We still have a desire to feed our kids right. If you could send even 1 or 2 coupons it would really help with the 40% grocery increases here in MI. Thanks for your consideration and we love your products.

Are you a fan of Barbara's Bakery? Are you interested in hearing about new product news? If so, sign up for our online store newsletter and mailing list to receive the latest product news plus money-saving special offers and discounts. I also still email them directly asking for coupons. Cascadian Farm Dreamfield Pasta Simply sign up for our email newsletter, which is packed with healthy recipes, coupon savings, and other tasty info. Review the information in Organic 101, then take the quiz — if you get all 12 questions right, we’ll send you a coupon good for $1 off any Earthbound Farm product!

Hain Products Hain Pure Foods Consumer Relations The Hain Celestial Group, Inc. 4600 Sleepytime Dr. Boulder, CO 80301 Horizon (not a favorite, but all we have around here) Horizon OrganicP.O. Box 17577Boulder, CO 80308-7577 Save on R.W. Knudsen Family® products with coupons you print from your computer

Organic Valley coupons

Stoneyfield Farms

Seventh Generation

Equal Exchange

Amy’s Kitchen

Annie’s Homegrown Good luck. Nothing in the past. But sometimes they have coupons on their site.

Back To Nature

Arizona Drinks

Bob’s Red Mill

Blue Diamond

Country Choice

Cliff Bar

Well this should be a good start for you all. I will be back with part 2. It does take time, but it is worth it when you can save some $$$


  1. This is a great idea! Several of the companies you listed make our fave items: Blue Diamond Almond Milk, and their Nut Thins. Spectrum Coconut Oil. I'm definitely writing for coupons! Thanks!

  2. Glad you like it. Some companies will say they don't send them, but will tell you where you can get them.